What’s New for 2019


For me, 2018 was the year of the gay Superhero—a story that needed to be told because the major superhero creators (Marvel, DC Comics) weren’t satisfying me. I wrote and published nearly 400,000 words in 5 books in the Guardians LGBT Superhero series. With that project completed, I’ve turned my attention to what 2019 could be.

My husband and I adopted a beautiful newborn boy this summer, and four months later, we’re crazy in love with him. That said, our son Aury takes time, energy, and focus—all wonderful things we are happy to share with him so he can become an amazing boy, and far in the distant future, a fantastic man. But right now, Tim and I are two exhausted dads.

Though it pains me, I’ve put the Nitraxian Galaxy Saga (LGBT space opera) on hold because it requires a massive amount of mental thought that I frankly don’t have right now. So, what will happen in 2019?

Before I tell you what’s coming, allow me to briefly share something I learned this past year: Writing 400,000 words is a lot when I hold a full time job and a family. The publishing schedule was too aggressive for me, and I cut corners (like proper editing) to get the last two books out before the holidays.


Sometime ago I asked for new ideas regarding what I could do with THE CLIMB, my first gay romance novel. Initially, I thought I wanted to rebrand the book, but I wanted to do so much more with those characters—and create some new ones long the way. So, today I’m officially announcing the LOVE GROWS IN HONEST PLACES series, of which THE CLIMB is now Book 1. Each subsequent book will be standalone, but the protagonists and their friends will cross paths, creating a fun universe where the characters can change and grow as they navigate gay romance.

Unlike my aggressive scheduled with Guardians, I’m going to follow proper process and only make a book available when it’s ready to go, not before. Unlike the tightly connected and interwoven Nitraxian Galaxy plots, I can write these stories faster and produce an amazing, heartwarming stories of love and acceptance. Look for these novels in 2019, and thank you for your support.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season,

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Love Grows in Honest Places is a gay young adult romance novel series. This is a collection of music that sparks my imagination for the books that make up this exciting, tender series. Although each book is stand alone, the characters share the universe and cross-over throughout the books. Listen Now.
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