Where is the Pre-Order for Ultimate Sacrifice?

A number of you have asked where the pre-order is for Ultimate Sacrifice, the fourth book of the Guardians Series—thank you.

Well, it’s coming. I promise.

As you can see below, the first draft of the book is finished and will soon move into the editing phases. The reason I’m not pushing a pre-order yet is because my husband and I are expecting a baby boy any day now and I do not fully understand the demands said bundle of joy newborn will have on my time, especially in the first few months.

Instead, I’ve continued writing and will work though the first draft of book five and then go back and edit the books instead of rushing a sloppy copy out to you. Like the first three books, the last two in the series tie together and I need to make sure everything ties together so readers can enjoy a satisfying* conclusion to the series.

So, although it will take a little longer to get the last two books out, rest assured, they will be finished before the December holidays.

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*Satisfying doesn’t mean happy, (insert wicked smiley face)