Go to the Dark Side with The Rise of Dark Flame

This weekend, I’m proudly released The Rise of Dark Flame, the next book in the exciting Guardians superhero series. What makes this series unique is it’s LGBTQ focus, allowing for a gay superhero to rise above his surroundings and become who he needs to be, as both a gay youth and a super-powered individual.

There are too few examples of LGBTQ superheroes in popular media today and most of those are retconned or made LGBTQ with new storylines. For example, DC Comics relaunched the Green Lantern as a gay superhero in 2012. In Star Trek Beyond, Hikaru Sulu was revealed to be gay. You can read about a few other examples here. Putting what the rest of the world does aside, I set out to write my own story, and I’m proud to share part three with the world today.


As the dust from Quinn and Blake’s destroyed friendship settles in their lives, their disparate ambitions bring them back together in unplanned and unwanted ways. Quinn fights to win the trust of the local authorities and the world while juggling his personal life, love life, and superhero life. On the other side of town, Blake embraces superhero life with Victor Kraze and impatiently waits to be set loose until he decides to take matters into his own hands, further dragging them all into a convoluted mess.

THE RISE OF DARK FLAME is the third book of the GUARDIANS series. GUARDIANS is a fun superhero/urban fiction novel series based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. With lovable characters, exciting action, memorable moments, and unexpected twists, GUARDIANS is sure to delight all fans of the genre.

Grab your copy today!

Image: Portsmouth’s new superhero flies into down over the Memorial Bridge. Photo by Timothy Chapman. Used with permission.

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