Witness the Birth of a Epic SciFi Novel

It’s time. Be a part of the excitement!

If you like Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Mass Effect, Game of Thrones, or Star Craft, you’ll love the Nitraxian Galaxy Saga Novel Series I’m writing.

What is the Nitraxian Galaxy Saga?

The Nitraxian Galaxy Saga is a massive, groundbreaking LGBTQ+ sci-fi/space opera I’ve been working on since 2014. I’ve spent a lot of time world building, outlining, and organizing the characters and plots into a book series with an amazing story. Today, I’ve planned for six main books and some short-story books that provide deeper context from material I’ve pulled out of the main body. I hope, when the time is right, you’ll enjoy the colorful tale of the galaxy’s finest as I plunge them into seemingly hopeless chaos and turmoil with unpredictable twists and turns along the way.

Want to be the first to read it?

The first people to read the chapter drafts will be the Alpha Reader members of my Advanced Reader Team.

An alpha reader is someone I trust who won’t mind reading the not-fully-polished draft. You’ll provide feedback by telling me what parts you loved and what parts you didn’t quite understand, which characters they adored and which characters felt underdeveloped. As an alpha reader, you’ll need to be kind but honest; someone who will encourage me to embark on my next stage of revisions and give me some helpful notes. You will receive credit in the final publication and a free paperback.

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Let me know. You need access to the Internet (Google Drive and Google Docs) to review the story text. This offer is open to friends, family, and co-workers first.

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