SOMETHING LIKE AUTUMN | Jay Bell | @JayBellBooks

Something-Like-Autumn-coverI’m so glad Jay Bell wrote a book that let us into the mind and character of Jace Holden – one of the key characters in the Something Like predecessor books Summer and Winter.

Finally, us fans could learn about the calm, caring, and wonderful man who gently captured Ben’s heart. I thoroughly enjoy Jay’s characters and his skill at developing them. In this story, teenage Jace falls for the mysterious Victor – and their love story unfolds. Years later, after their separation, Jace meets collegiate Ben, and this is where the story connects with the series’ main story line.

As with his other works, Jay’s easy writing style make for a fantastic read. My only complaint is how much fun these are to read because I blaze through chapters faster than I want to!

My hubby2be read the fourth installment – Something Like Spring – and told me I was not allowed to read it until I finished writing first book, The Climb, because of a similar theme. I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure I will enjoy reading it when I can.

Check out the series here!

Check out the series here!