SOMETHING LIKE WINTER | Jay Bell | @JayBellBooks

This fall I finished Something Like Winter by Jay Bell. Like its predecessor, I enjoyed the heart warming story and deep insight into Tim Wyman. In the first book, I felt he came off as prick. Since solid context is the foundation of understanding, I can see why Tim behaved the way he did better now that I’ve seen his side.

Tim’s conservative and apathetic parents don’t help is struggle over his sexual identity. His time with Ben, and his life-shaping time with Eric, a mentor and gay-father figure, soften his heart and allow him to express the  motions and love he has bottled up so tightly.

I won’t get into story details since you can read those here. Once again. Jay’s easy writing style translated the book’s scenes in to fantastic visuals in my mind.

Now I can’t wait to read book three, Something Like Spring.


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