SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER | Jay Bell | @JayBellBooks

sms-coverThis summer I finished reading Something Like Summer by Jay Bell. It’s a fun, heart warming story with some clever twists that kept me reading whenever I could grab some down time at the beach or when laying out in the sun on our back deck.

In this story, a young teenager named Ben finds himself crushing on Tim, a hunky classmate who eventually becomes his closeted boyfriend. They eventually separate, but as we follow Ben’s life through college, Jace becomes a key figure for Ben.

I won’t get into story details since you can read those here, but I have to say I love how easy it was to read. Jay has a great command of expression, phrasing, and has an amazing ability to put clear images into his reader’s mind.

I could vividly imagine each scene as it played out in words and that’s something I really enjoy as a reader. If a book makes me think too much, it feels like work. Jay’s easy style did not make me work for my reading enjoyment.

Now I can’t wait to read book two, Something Like Winter.


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