3 Quicktips to Make Sure You Work Out!

Whether you’re starting a new workout plan or

1. Schedule Workouts in your Calendar


Whether or you are a power user of digital calendar solutions on a computer or smart phone, or rely on the ever-handy calendar book, scheduling your workouts can help ensure personal success with actually getting your workouts in. I’m a geek, so I set all my workouts for 6:30 AM in my calendar. If I can’t, or don’t get my workout in first thing, I shift it to the next available times slot in my day. I need to get my workout in. (See #3)

2. Mark Dates on a Wall Calendar

p90x 2weeksUsing a wall calendar of your choice, “X” out or cross out the dates you complete a workout or head to the gym. It should be a wall calendar that you can easily see from the kitchen. I like that mine is on the way to the fridge from the living room. Seeing the X’s helps me grab healthier snacks instead of the (rarely purchased) not-so-healthy snacks. Also, I think that looking at a calendar that marked with X’s helps convey a sense of accomplishment that you are in fact sticking to your fitness goals.

3. Change your attitude.

DecideCommitSucceedFor years I struggled with regular workouts or gym time because I just didn’t understand how to make fitness a priority. A few months back, something snapped inside my head. I honestly don’t know what it was. Around me, several of my friends, including my brother, had all started or were in the process of doing P90X. That program takes commitment – a commitment level I didn’t think I had. I woke up one morning and realized that I had it wrong all those years. I wasn’t supposed to squeeze workouts into my life, I’m supposed to include workouts as a regular part of my life. That small shift has made all the difference in actually sticking to the first two quick tips.

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