Dante Coranguis, The One

Dante Coranguis is the brilliant Director of Software Agility at Hyperion Dynamics. He is currently assigned to one of the company’s top secret efforts, Project TRIDENT. At thirty years old, chronically single Dante has yet to marry, choosing instead to take lovers—men and women—to bed to satiate his carnal needs. When not looking for his next screw, he can be found following a strict schedule that begins with an intense workout in the fitness center located inside his condo high rise. His closest friend is a human sensitive and faith-practicing African American woman named Marcy Davis, who wants him to settle down with someone nice.

Dante harbors an intense secret. Ever since puberty, a hellish nightmare plagued his sleep and tormented him with images of the Devil as a seven-headed beast. Occasionally, the influence of party drugs, alcohol, or a wild orgy affected the dream by adding once-in-a-lifetime variations that never reappeared. Dante felt the dream had purpose or an urgent message it needed him to comprehend. Despite the dream’s recurrence in his life, he struggles to understand the nightmare’s essence or why it plagued his sleep. Three years ago, in the midst of the apocalyptic blood and gore, chaos and fiery destruction, an unnatural, darkness infiltrated and manifested itself in the dream. Rather, he felt its presence, often accompanied by an agonizing, immobilizing fear his psychiatrist chalked up to a severe case of sleep paralysis. Even the Catholic priests he consulted—who all made him feel uncomfortable—didn’t know what to make of his dreams, so they encouraged him to attend mass and confession regularly—both of which he rarely did. Church—no matter the denomination—made him feel uncomfortably hot, dizzy, and bizarrely angry, just like scotch and whiskey did—something else he learned in his rebellious teenage years. Unbeknownst to Dante, the dreams plague him because he is The One.

The One, Snakeheart

The Prophecy

An ancient prophecy, hidden by the Roman Catholic Church in purported heretical texts, claims an ordinary man will become the human embodiment of a demonic, supernatural herald whose sole purpose is to prepare the Earth for The Great Subjugation when Lucifer, the Anti-Christ, will conquer the human and supernatural realms and bring forth The End Times.

“All will fear him, all will desire him, and all will bow before him.”

The One

  • Dante Coranguis

Relation to Lucifer

Dante has always been special to Lucifer throughout eternity because Lucifer selected him to become the Snakeheart, a demonic, supernatural herald who will prepare the way for Lucifer’s ultimate revenge against the Creator: the destruction of creation. When the time is right, Lucifer will imbue Dante with supernatural abilities that will allow him to perform his duties.

Supernatural Abilities

  • Explosive Force
  • Push
  • Telekinesis
  • Hellfire inferno