The Snakeheart Series


  • Format: Novelettes
  • Type: Ordered series
  • Series Status: Writing & editing
  • Expected Publication: Spring 2020
  • Future Availability: Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Kindle, and Paperback
  • To be published under the pen name Damien Shadows

Snakeheart Series Synopsis

Snakeheart is a supernatural thriller book series about the unsuspecting Dante Coranguis who is the fulfillment of a prophecy about the End Times. This horror series features a thrilling twist on Humans, Vampires, Lycan, Fae, Spellcasters, and adds two new groups, the Human Sensitives and Soul Hunters to the supernatural realm that seeks to crush Dante and prevent him from becoming who and what Lucifer has been planning for millennia.

“All will fear him, all will desire him, and all will bow before him.”

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