Soul Hunters

Soul Hunters are predatory demons who have been tortured and bonded with a living human host. Thus, they are vicious, human-demon hybrid creatures whose purpose is to collect souls for the Devil. Let by the mysterious human-disguised demon Dorian Charnys, Soul Hunters are often dispatched when someone who has made a deal with the Devil attempts to get out of the deal early. They can also be used as foot soldiers in spiritual battles if necessary.

The eyes of a Soul Hunter give off an eerie, neon glow when they are unmasked (demonic form) or using their powers. The presence of an unmasked Soul Hunter is predicated by the foul odor of decaying matter, soured milk, gasoline, and feces. They may alter their appearance (and fetid odors) and become beautiful, knowing what their victim or the entity they wish to interact with desires. The arch-enemy of Soul Hunters are the Fae.

Alpha Soul Hunter

  • Dorian Charnys

Other Soul Hunters

  • TBD

Relation to Lucifer


Supernatural Abilities

  • Incineration
  • Hypnosis/Glossing
  • Limited Mind Reading


  • Spiritual Perception
  • Nighttime


  • Archangels (death)
  • Garlic
  • Mountain Ash/Rowan
  • No Reflection
  • No Digital Imagery/Photographic Capture
  • Roman Catholicism
  • Salt
  • Silver