Lycan are an ancient humanoid subspecies of lupine shapeshifters. The strongest and oldest of the Lycan shift from human form to a vicious, quadrupedal wolf. Younger through middle-aged Lycan shit from human forms to and equally vicious, bipedal lupine/canine form. Unlike werewolves, Lycan are not subject to the full moon but can shift whenever they want. Lycan hate being confused with werewolves and consider themselves socially superior to werewolves in every way, except that their strengths and weaknesses are identical. A Lycan’s eyes will glow bright orange when it is provoked or about to shape-shift to his lupine form. The arch-enemy of the Lycan is the Vampire. Interestingly, Lycan is both the singular and plural form of the word.


  • Vesperion

Alpha Lycan

  • Gaius Acilius

Other Lycan

  • Cyrus Latva
  • Xander Malek
  • Rex Tandroff

Relation to Lucifer

After the Battle for Supremacy, the Creator cast Lucifer and his followers to hell and the Earth. Those in support of Lucifer found themselves outcast and victim to Lucifer’s clever deception: he promised his followers greater glory in heaven, but omitted the part about overthrowing the Creator.

When Judgement came down upon us from the Creator, they were disappointed when Lucifer willing accepted his eternal banishment from Heaven. Cast out, the became enraged at their predicament and turned against Lucifer, hoping to please the Creator, but the angel-turned-demon used his newfound powers to twist the his followers into the demonic influences that manifested in popular mythologies around the world, including the Lycan. In addition, Lucifer turned his followers against each other so they could never, ever do what he did to the Creator.

Supernatural Abilities

  • Preternatural Senses
  • Regeneration
  • Shapeshifting
  • Supernatural Perception (Limited)


  • Enhanced muscular-skeletal structure, strength, hearing, sense of smell, visual acuity


  • Angels & Archangels (death)
  • High-Frequency Noise
  • Holy Ground
  • Moon Cycles
  • Mountain Ash/Rowan
  • Silver
  • Wolfsbane