Sometimes, It Takes a Villain to Push the Superhero to Greatness

As I publish and release Balance of Power, the final book of the Guardians series, I can’t help but feel bittersweet about having finished the series.

  • Bitter, because it’s the end of an exciting, breakthrough LGBT series I’ve worked hard on, and despite my excitement about it, the story has come to its natural end.
  • Sweet, because I worked hard to give you a satisfying ending I hope you will thoroughly enjoy and.

That said, I’m proud to share with you the my next book, Balance of Power. I’ve had so much fun writing this amazing superhero tale and I’m happy to share the feedback I’ve received has been fantastic. Balance of Power picks up immediately after book 4, Ultimate Sacrifice, and is the exciting conclusion to the five-book story of Quinn and Blake, unsuspecting teenagers from my hometown of Portsmouth, NH who get super powers.


Sometimes, it takes a villain to push the superhero to greatness.

Mayhem explodes in Portsmouth when Victor Kraze reveals his true intentions, threatening everyone Quinn holds dear. Faced with insurmountable odds and overwhelming destruction, Quinn and his small team of mismatched heroes must risk everything to stop the maniacal Victor from creating and army of sinister superhumans bent on creating chaos before it’s too late.

Image: Portsmouth’s new superhero flies into down over the Memorial Bridge. Photo by Timothy Chapman. Used with permission.

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