High School Shouldn’t Be This Hard, Even for a Superhero

Today, I’m excited to share with you that the penultimate book of the Guardians superhero series is available for purchaseUltimate Sacrifice picks up after book 3, The Rise of Dark Flame, and is the fourth and penultimate book in the story of Quinn and Blake, unsuspecting teenagers from my hometown of Portsmouth, NH who get super powers.


As winter settles over New England, the headstrong Victor Kraze pushes his team to recreate the accident that imbued Quinn and Blake with superhuman abilities. Working in the shadows, Blake spirals out of control and embarks on a destructive rampage that infuriates what’s left of The Order. Working with his team of unique individuals, Quinn devises a plan to infiltrate The Order and rescue his best friend from the clutches of the organization’s evil mastermind.

This is the fourth book of the Guardians series. Ultimate Sacrifice is available in Kindle format from Amazon and will be available in paperback format shortly.

Grab your copy today!

Image: Portsmouth’s new superhero flies into down over the Memorial Bridge. Photo by Timothy Chapman. Used with permission.

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