I Need Your Help to Rebrand The Climb

I Need Your Help!

Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas for the new title for THE CLIMB. I’ve included a few of the suggestions below, in no particular order. The first three are struck-through because they were my suggestions.

  1. Love Me, Please
  2. The Startlingly Unfabulous Teenage Life of Skyler Phoenix
  3. My Life Wasn’t Supposed to be This Awkward
  4. Love Grows in Honest Places
  5. Piece by Piece
  6. Picking up the Pieces
  7. From The Ashes
  8. Burn to Emerge
  9. Climbing (to?) (for?) Love
  10. Finding Happiness

I’m still looking for suggestions and would like to move away from phoenix and climbing references, so feel to send your ideas along. Simply leave a comment below with your ideas and stay tuned for re-release. If I pick your title (or use a version of it), I’ll credit you in the book and do my best to get you a signed paperback of the new edition.

Possible new cover image.

Book Description
In-the-closet gay high school sophomore Skyler Phoenix found himself madly in love with his best friend, Cameron. As the two boys become more intimate, Skyler’s family life crumbles after his conservative and extremely religious foster parents discover their son’s secret relationship and quickly disown him. Now, feeling lost and heartbroken, and ripped from the foster home he shared for years, Skyler struggles to understand acceptance and questions his place in an unnerving world.

Piece by piece, Skyler’s defenses melt as he begins to experience unconditional love for the first time after moving in with a new foster family. With his old life behind him and new family by his side, Skyler slowly conquers his personal struggles of loss, self-love, and coming out as a gay teen. Even though he is well on his journey to acceptance, he remains unsure of how to love again. As the nights get longer and the summer unfolds, Skyler finds himself completely enamoured with a new classmate named Kalin Mars. Remembering the love and loss of his best friend, Skyler is faced with the tough choice of guarding his emotions or allowing a new love be born from the ashes of his broken heart.