Behind the Scenes | Rangeley Vintage Control Room

The original, or vintage control room that Blake and Quinn discover was built after the death of Wilhelm Reich when his home was turned into a secret facility by the The Order. The room is located underground and still runs the orgone collection system today, but an upper level control room does the modern-day programming and system monitoring. The walls of the vintage control room are lined with 1960s-era  wall-to-wall, massive computer systems that have been carefully maintained over the decades to ensure continued operation of the facility.
When the original engineers and scientists who built the chamber for The Order discovered their work would be used for nefarious purposes, they sabotaged the final design by secretly rearranging the hexagonal focusing plates in the chamber. The net effect of their subversion drastically decreased the collection speeds. Then, they burned all of their research, designs, and plans, allowing The Order to believe the focusing panels placement didn’t matter. After threatening to expose The Order to the public and their sinister plot, a scheme they were duped into serving, The Order responded by assassinating the entire team.
With all data, the original plans, and knowledge of the original Orgonon Reactor Core lost, The Order struggled to innovate workaround solutions that would speed up the collection and conversion process, unaware of the truth behind each focusing panel in the chamber.


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