The Nature Physique: Easy Breezy Abs by Braeden Baade

A few months after his first fitness book enjoyed success, I had the privilege of working Braeden Baade again to format the manuscript of his second fitness book, The Nature Physique: Easy Breezy Abs: (The #1 Guide on How to Easily Achieve a Six Pack).

This book is available now on


A new installment from author of the popular exercise guide The Nature Physique. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, unique, and convenient strategy to eliminate belly fat and replace it with lean, strong, sculpted abs… look no further.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Phase 1: Novice Core Circuit
  • Phase 2: Intermediate Core Circuit
  • Phase 3: Advanced Core Circuit
  • Phase 4: Master Core Circuit
  • BONUS: Plank Circuit
  • Easy to navigate table of contents
  • Detailed pictures of each exercise to encourage proper form

The best part? Perform these workouts ANYWHERE at ANY TIME – no gym required.

About the Author

Local to Los Angeles, California, Braeden Baade is an actor and fitness enthusiast. In 2011 he was licensed as a certified personal trainer by The American College of Sports Medicine and has been carefully developing his unique approach to health and exercise for over a decade. His goal is to help people to see that transforming their physique isn’t as complex or intimidating as the industry tends to lead on.