The Nature Physique by Braeden Baade

I had the privilege of working with hunky actor and fitness instructor Braeden Baade to format the manuscript of his premier fitness book, The Nature Physique: Bodyweight + Resistance Band Exercise Guide: (The #1 Guide on How to Look Great Without a Gym).

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If you want to build lean muscle, trim fat, improve strength, endurance, and overall appearance… and do it as fast as possible, without a gym membership and useless, expensive supplements, you’ll want to read this book.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Phase 1: Interval training routines (to first make your muscles more accustomed to daily exercise).
  • Phase 2: Isolation training routines (to further develop and specifically target particular muscles).
  • Phase 3: Superset training routines (to further increase strength, endurance, and definition within each region of the body.
  • Nutrition tips for omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free individuals.
  • Dynamic stretching instruction.
  • An explanation on how I developed The Nature Physique workout plan and why I stuck with it ever since.

About the Author

Local to Los Angeles, California, Braeden Baade is an actor and fitness enthusiast. In 2011 he was licensed as a certified personal trainer by The American College of Sports Medicine and has been carefully developing his unique approach to health and exercise for over a decade. His goal is to help people to see that transforming their physique isn’t as complex or intimidating as the industry tends to lead on.