Bulletproof (Coffee) your Mornings

sexy-man-drinking-coffeeThe first thing I hear in the morning isn’t my alarm. It’s usually the hissing and gurgling sounds of the coffee maker warming up and preparing to brew a pot of coffee awesomeness. For some time now I’ve grown accustomed to non-dairy creamer (since I’m lactose-allergic). It comes in so many yummy flavors and most of them are fat or sugar-free. Healthy right? Nope.

Several months ago I came across one of those “12 things you should immediately stop eating” type articles and my brand of non-dairy creamer was at the top of the list. This made me sad. I found plenty of similar articles, so I decided to look for a healthier alternative..but that just didn’t happen. Every week we just kept buying the same non-dairy creamer, enjoying our java juice. But in the back of my brain, that nagging though kept bugging me… you’re probably killing some brain cells or something.

Bulletproof your morning

coffee_hot_guyTwo weeks ago a co-worker randomly stopped by (one of my wonderful health nuts here at the office) and started talking about Bulletproof Coffee. I thought it was the most disgusting concept thing ever. But he raved about it and sold me on its health – and brain health – benefits. So I tried it.

It was awful.

My first attempt was two parts (dairy-free) butter and one part coconut oil. Gag me. However, my brain felt amazingly awake. My second attempt tasted better, 1 part (dairy-free) butter and 2 parts coconut oil. Switching from “creamered coffee” to black with butter and coconut oil is difficult. I had to stop this insanity for a few days.

I told a friend about it, and she tried it, and loved it. She raved about how she could immediately feel her brain firing up in the morning.

I decided to give it another shot. This time, instead of cold turkey, I put 1/2 the creamer I normally would, and the equal parts of (dairy-free) butter and coconut. MUCH better. Weaning myself off of creamer is the way to go. I can now say that I look forward to making my morning bulletproof and the day when non-dairy creamer is completely out of my system.

So instead of repeating what’s already been said, here are two links that talk about the wonders of Bulletproof coffee way better than I could.