Guardians Cast of Characters

I organized this list by character type group. When possible, I’ve indicated who/where the character’s physical inspiration came from along with when they first appear in the series. I’ve also kept the character descriptions spoiler-free—this limits the information I can provide in some cases.

Main Characters

Quinton McAlester

  • Quinton, or Quinn, is a mildly popular, in-the-closet yet kindhearted guy who lacks the confidence to be himself. He wants to see his friends and classmates strive to live their best life. He’s the only son to two dads who love him very much and provide for him. Quinn is best friends with Blake Hargreaves. Quinn works at the popular Breaking New Grounds Coffee Shop and loves comic books. At school, he’s close friends with Ravone Timber and Loren Davis. He has a major, potentially unrequited crush on Keegan Miller.
  • Physical Inspiration: Michael Hamm
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Blake Hargreaves

  • Blake is an unpopular student with an impatient attitude and short-fused temper who resents anyone who seems to have it easy in life. He’s the youngest of two and his older sister abandoned the family several years ago—a betrayal he refuses to talk about with anyone, even his best friend, Quinn McAlester. Blake’s financial situation is dire. Since his parents don’t chip in to buy him anything, he must purchase everything he needs and wants with his earnings from Kaffee VonSolln, a coffee shop in Portsmouth. Whenever he can, Blake likes gets out of the house and spend most of his time with his best friend and a few select others from school, including Ravone Timber and Loren Davis.
  • Physical Inspiration: Enzo Carini
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Keegan Miller

  • Out-and-proud Keegan is the love-interest of Quinn McAlester and can often be found long-boarding around Portsmouth and getting coffee at the coffee shop Quinn works at. One might argue he’s interested in Quinn as well…
  • Physical Inspiration: Keegan Allen
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Victor Kraze

  • The enigmatic Agent Victor Kraze works for a mysterious agency involved with Orgone Energy Research.
  • Physical Inspiration: Rupert Friend
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Supporting Characters

Aren and Timothy McAlester

  • Aren McAlester owns a small publishing company that supports independent authors and publishers in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His schedule allows him the flexibility to work from home or the office and he tends to take care of the home/domestic duties such as groceries, laundry, and cooking. Aren is married to Tim and together they adopted and raised their son, Quinn.
  • Tim McAlester is a partner at the Casollaro, Ellis, and Willis law firm in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Though he could work long hours, he tries hard to focus on his family because he enjoys spending time with his husband, Aren and their son, Quinn.
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Darien James

  • Darien James, a member of the school’s track team, is the annoyingly-confident school bully who enjoys picking on Quinn for behaving effeminately. He has a small following of insecure friends who follow him around and laugh at others when he puts them down.
  • Physical Inspiration: Spencer Neville
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Captain David Prett

  • U.S. Air Force Pilot of the KC-135 Stratotanker Quinn saves from crashing and safely lands at Pease Tradeport. He also leads a special team of professional hackers with undisclosed computer hacking and digital espionage skills.
  • First Appearance: Book 2; by name, book 3.
  • His team members include Chris (Goodbutt)Walter (Trinity), and Tara, technical wizards who masterfully execute a number of high-level digital reconnaissance missions for the U.S. Government.

Gerald Tomlin

  • Coach Tomlin, or simply Coach, wants to help students be their best. He’s sort of this older, rough grandfather type. He served in the Navy aboard the USS Enterprise. He brings a lot of “back in my day” charm to school athletics and a number of obscure navy saying. He’s tough but everybody loves him.
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Loren Davis

  • Loren is the gender-bending close friend of Quinn and Blake. She self-identifies as genderqueer and uses both he and she pronouns, thoroughly confusing the quaint folk of Portsmouth with her outfits and appearance. To use her own words: “I confuse everyone. I look like a girl and dress like a boy, while other days I look like a boy and dress like a girl. I use he and she interchangeably, just like the restrooms I use. That’s my normal—it’s normal, but it’s different normal—and different isn’t bad.”
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Ralph and Stella Hargreaves

  • Ralph is a hot-tempered, functional alcoholic mess. He works at Granite State Minerals in Portsmouth and loves to frequent bars and the private lodges he and his wife Stella Hargreaves hold memberships at. He is envious of his children and puts them down to tough them up. His actions only fueled resentment in his firstborn daughter, Elizabeth, who left at seventeen and never returned.
  • Stella expresses alcoholic tendencies when stressed—which is most of the time. She’s quiet, harbors a ton of regret and grief for the way they treated their now-absent daughter, and can’t get beyond the past in order to take care of the present, including her son, Blake.
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Ravone Timber

  • Ravone is the independent, sassy, tell-it-like-it-is kind of gal who is one of Quinn and Blake’s closest friends. She has a major, unrequited crush on Blake despite her friend’s advice to stay away from the angry teenage boy with baggage. She dresses boldly and often has colored streaks in her hair. She’s also a huge supporter of gay rights and can’t wait to celebrate the day when Quinn comes out.
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Ron St. Germain

  • One of the science teachers at Portsmouth High School. Known for his encyclopedic wealth of super hero comic and science fiction information, the boys turn to him for help when their powers being manifesting. Realizing the only answer is yes, he agrees to mentor them and help them develop their super powers. Additionally, he hopes to instill a strong moral code of justice and ethical behavior in the boys, fearful of what would happen if one of them used their powers for evil.
  • In real life, Ron helped me develop the superpowers that would become the foundation for Guardians.
  • Ron is married to Stephanie St. Germain.
  • His brother is Jay St. Germain, and he creates the super suits for Blue Spekter and later, Catamount and Helion.
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Ana María García

  • SPOILER: As the first and only known surviving human experiment of orgone infusion, she hears about a superhero named Blue Spekter and a super villain named Dark Flame on the news and observes them until she decided to reach out to Quinn.
  • First Appearance: Book 2

Tina Applegate

  • Chief Tina Applegate is the Chief of Police for the City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She finds herself caught between her personal desire for superhero vigilantism and her civic duty to preserve lawfulness and uphold the public trust.
  • First Appearance: Book 2


Alex McNamara

  • Alex is The Order’s Librarian of the Seavey Island facility. When Blue Spekter and the joint military and DHS task force attack the island, he successfully evades capture and seeks out Dark Flame for assistance. His boyfriend’s name is Trevor Lucas.
  • First appearance: Book 4

Amy Madison

  • Doctor Amy Madison works for the Rangeley, Maine medical facility that resuscitates and cares for the Quinn and Blake as they recuperate from their accident. Some of answers and information she provides them with contradicts what Agent Victor Kraze and Nurse Uma tell them. She is too focused on scientific marvel to be concerned about the moral implications of her work, and she often doesn’t see the big picture—even though she thinks she does.
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Archimandrion Council Members

  • Madame Presider
  • Nigel Krause
  • Michael Dunworth III
  • Antony Von Daler
  • Mathias Pendergast
  • Wan Shu Mao
  • Giulia Remigino
  • Farez Printaris
  • Absalom Miller
  • First appearances: Book 4

Camilla Brenhurst

  • News Nine Reporter who initially covers the Portsmouth story unidentified phenomenon that saves a work man who falls from one of three Memorial Bridge towers. As the plot thickens, her reporting and research brings her dangerously close to the action. Her usual cameraman is Phil.
  • First Appearance: Book 2

Paul Hartman

  • Agent Hartman assumes command of the Department of Homeland Security team assigned to coordinate efforts with local authorities when Agent Potter is injured.
  • First Appearance: Book 4

Ira Hinders

  • Ira is a fitness and close combat trainer who works for The Order.
  • First Appearance: Book 3


  • Valentina is the Librarian of the Orgonon Reactor Core Facility
  • First Appearance: Book 2

Eric Potter

  • Agent Potter is the team leader of the Department of Homeland Security assigned to coordinate efforts with local authorities around the unidentified phenomenons in Portsmouth.
  • First Appearance: Book 2

Estelle White

  • The English Literature teacher at Portsmouth High School.
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Gary, Samuel, Kit, Sven, and Timoor

  • These five ex-military mercenaries accompany Blake during his first mission to the cargo ship Heart of Gold at Schiller Station with The Order.
  • First Appearance: Book 3

Hector Rodriguez

  • The workman who slipped and fell from the Memorial Bridge Tower.
  • First Appearance: Book 2

Kyle and Tony

  • Darien’s friends and loyal followers; they’ll do anything the bully asks of them.
  • First Appearance: Book 1


  • Blake’s boss at the coffee shop.
  • First Appearance: Book 2

Mark and John

  • Mark is Tim’s business partner at the law firm. Years ago, he was instrumental in securing adoption rights for same-sex couples and LGBTQ persons in New Hampshire. Quinn, who grew up referring them as Uncle Mark and Uncle John, discovers the deeper, more important involvement Mark had in his adoption proceedings at their wedding reception, which takes place on the M/V Thomas Laighton ship.
  • First Appearance: Book 3


  • Quinn’s boss at the coffee shop.
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Mother Superior

  • The Hegumenia or the regional leader of the Order for the North East. Her subordinates, including Victor Kraze, refer to and address her as Mother Superior.


  • The young boy who accidentally provides the superhero name for the blue-lit person who saved Hector Rodriquez from a fatal fall from one of the drawbridge towers of the Memorial Bridge.
  • First Appearance: Book 2

Paula Anders

  • News nine news anchor.
  • First Appearance: Book 2

Peter Doral

  • Lieutenant Peter Doral is in charge of the hostage situation that Quinn/Blue Spekter responds to.
  • First Appearance: Book 2


  • Romanian operative for The Order.
  • First Appearance: Book 3

Finn Callahan

  • Agent Callahan works for the Department of Homeland Security.
  • First Appearance: Book 2

Miguel and Arik

  • These men are the nursing technicians at Rangeley Medical who report to Dr. Amy Madison. They provide personal care to Quinn and Blake during their recovery at the medical facility.
  • First Appearance: Book 1

Nadia Nyongo

  • Nursing Medical Assistant to Dr. Amy Madison at the Rangeley Medical Center in Rangeley, Maine. Nadia is on duty when the boys wake up. She has charge of their care on the day they regain consciousness.
  • First Appearance: Book 1


  • Vanessa is the mysterious red-headed high school gal who lives in Blake’s condo building.
  • First Appearance: Book 3

Senator Wilmott (R)

  • A crusty old United States Senator opposed to trusting or working with superheroes.
  • First Appearance: Book 5