Justice of the Peace

DamienDamien C. Ledoux, Esquire

As a Justice of the Peace, I am available to assist you with your civil wedding ceremony by officiating your exchange of vows in the State of New Hampshire. It is my hope to provide you with a dignified and memorable ceremony that you can cherish together forever.

Civil ceremonies can be as formal or informal as you like. Things can get really creative when you have a themed civil ceremony (e.g. Halloween, Hawaiian, Western, Hollywood, etc). You have complete freedom of choice over the selection of music as well.

You should feel free to include your own work or the words of favorite authors or poets in your readings, vows, or other symbolic acts. You can certainly involve your family and friends as well. Remember, this is your special day. Planning a meaningful, relevant, and memorable ceremony now will give you something to cherish in the years to come. Please contact me for more information or to reserve your wedding day in my calendar.

The State of New Hampshire proudly recognizes same-sex marriage. Sadly, not every state cares to dignify and honor the love that can be shared by LGBTQ couples. I am happy to assist same-sex couples celebrate their love through marriage.*

*Please note that if you are not a resident of New Hampshire, your state of residence may not recognize your legal marriage. We can support organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign and Lambda Legal with our time, talent, and donations to work toward national and global equal marital rights.