You voted, I listened

In January I asked you what you wanted to read next:

  • Guardians Book 6: Legend of the Crimson Blaze
  • Love Grows Book 3: The Love We Hide
  • Snakeheart Series 2
  • Galaxy. Need some good space opera

And my patrons voted for Love Grows Book 3: The Love We Hide. I’m happy to share that I’m working hard on that novel, and I’ve just crested 40,000 words. I anticipate the final novel will be somewhere between 70-80,000 words.

What’s the Love Grows in Honest Places series about again?

Love Grows in Honest Places is an LGBT-focused fictional world that  highlights the coming out and coming-of-age journeys of gay teens and  young adults and the struggles they face, such as self-acceptance, self-love, homophobia, and religious rejection.

So what’s The Love We Hide going to be about?

The Love We Hide is a young adult gay romance that introduces two new characters to the series, Zavien de Lauriers and Jolan Winters. Eagle-eyed readers will recognize Jolan’s name from Love’s Hope. Both are students at Temple High school, and yes, they are destined to cross paths. Unfortunately, Zavien’s strict and conservative religious background unilaterally rejects homosexuality and excommunicates those who are found guilt of embracing the homosexual lifestyle. When Zavien meets the openly out Jolan, his world crashes as he reassess his authentic self, values, and commitment to his church, even at the risk of losing his family.

Who are the main characters?

Zavien des Lauriers and Jolan Winters.

Zavien is a shy but confident high school student at Temple Valley High School and a member of the swim team. Keeping mostly to himself at school, he enjoys spending time with his best friend and neighbor Caleb Grimm. Zavien is also a musically gifted young man who can play almost any  instrument he picks up. An accomplished young pianist with a  pitch-perfect ear, he quickly earned the respect and admiration of his  church community and friends.

Jolan Winters is a student at Temple Valley High School and an active member of the Temple Pride GSA. He works as a barista and at The Java Grind. He’s a gifted and accomplished artist who paints beautiful works with a variety of mediums.

Cool. When will The Love We Hide be available?

All things considered, this fall. Pre-orders will go up on Amazon once I’ve finished the first draft.