Wednesday Words |

“Jesus Christ,” Skyler muttered, rubbing his temples. “I forgot how much of a mind fuck that world is. They pretend to love you until they find a reason to hate you. Have you told Caleb yet?”

Zavien shook his head. “I almost did on Sunday, but I chickened out.”

“You know you can tell Caleb, right?”

“Yeah, I know. And I should. He’s my best friend. I’m starting to hate hiding this part of myself with him.”

“So who knows?”

“Jolan, and now you.”



Zavien cleared his throat and decided to get to the point. “I have questions.”


“My church teaches that all of homosexuality is a lie and the liberal agenda it purports is inspired by Satan to completely pull us away from God. Is that true?”


“My church teaches that homosexuality a sickness that can be cured with the power of God, and those who refuse God’s healing power become perverts and deviants who lure and seduce other men into sexual sin.”

Skyler shook his head. “Sounds like our pastors hung out or something. I am gay, and I’m not sick, a pervert, or a deviant. You’re gay, does that mean you are a sick pervert or deviant?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Okay I’m pretty sure you’re not, despite what your pastor wants you to believe.”


“Does your pastor and church preach about an all loving, merciful, and forgiving God?”

“Sure, if you follow the rules.”

“The Bible‘a rules, his rules, the church’s rules?”

“All of the above, I guess.”

“I’m willing to bet that your church teaches that homosexuality is the one unforgivable sin God wants nothing to do with.”

Zavien chuckled. “Yeah.”

“So, when did you choose to be gay?”

Zavien pulled back a little, surprised by the question. “I didn’t, I think I’ve always been this way.”

“This way?”

“Well, gay. But I didn’t know what that word meant when I was younger. I just knew I was different. Like, I’ve never been into girls the way other guys in class were.”

“So you didn’t choose to be gay?”

Zavien hesitated, then shook his head. “No.”