Balance of Power – re-covered

I am so excited to share the amazing new cover for THE RISE OF DARK FLAME, the third book of The Guardian Series and the Spekter  Superhero Universe. Though a fellow superhero author, Lucas Flint, I  discovered the amazing creative team at Miblart and I’ll be outsourcing  my cover design to them from now on.

What do you think?

Oh, and along with a new cover comes a new book description, too. Check it out below:

They aren’t above killing…

…and now his family and boyfriend are missing.

Everyone thinks The Order’s dangerous new super villain Nightmare wants to destroy the world, but Quinn knows better.

This is different. This time, it’s personal.

The stakes have never been higher, and Quinn—as the superhero Blue Spekter—has a crazy plan that just might work. Can he defeat Nightmare and The Order before it’s too late?

If he fails and Nightmare slaughters him, who will stop the maniacal super villain from destroying everything and everyone they love?

BALANCE OF POWER is the fifth book of The Guardian Series and is part of the Spekter Superhero Universe.

Remember all those cool things that happened before? Well, this book wraps all that stuff up. Read it now! You know you want to!