Unidentified Phenomenon re-covered

I am so excited to share the amazing new cover for UNIDENTIFIED PHENOMENON, the second book of The Guardian Series and the Spekter  Superhero Universe. Though a fellow superhero author, Lucas Flint, I  discovered the amazing creative team at Miblart and I’ll be outsourcing  my cover design to them from now on.

What do you think?

Oh, and along with a new cover comes a new book description, too. Check it out below:

The manhunt is on…

…but no one knows who—or what—to look for.

Impossibly heroic superhuman saves, wanted criminals vanishing into thin air, and thugs washing up with unexplainable third-degree burns can mean only one thing: someone has taken the law into their own hands.

But who? And why?

With the Department of Homeland Security breathing down the necks of city officials, Quinn and Blake must hide their superpowers from everyone, even their families.

Time is running out. 

How long can they outrun the growing pile of damning evidence against them.

UNIDENTIFIED PHENOMENON is the second book of The Guardian Series and is part of the Spekter Superhero Universe.

Get it now.