Ultimate Sacrifice – re-covered

I am so excited to share the amazing new cover for THE RISE OF DARK FLAME, the third book of The Guardian Series and the Spekter  Superhero Universe. Though a fellow superhero author, Lucas Flint, I  discovered the amazing creative team at Miblart and I’ll be outsourcing  my cover design to them from now on.

What do you think?

Oh, and along with a new cover comes a new book description, too. Check it out below:


He must make the hard choice…

…flee or fight.

Becoming the superhero Blue Spekter was supposed to be fun for Quinn, the realization of a childhood dream. But the insidious Order hijacked his dream-come-true by twisting his best friend Blake into the feared supervillain Dark Flame.

Now, The Order wants Dark Flame to kill Quinn and erase Blue Spekter from history.

For Quinn, junior year is no longer about surviving high school; it’s about survival and protecting the ones he loves.

But can he?

Does Quinn have the courage to stop Blake and take down The Order, no matter the cost?

ULTIMATE SACRIFICE is the fourth book of The Guardian Series and is part of the Spekter Superhero Universe.

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