Accidental Awakening – Re-covered

I am so excited to share the amazing new cover for ACCIDENTAL AWAKENING, the first book of The Guardian Series and the Spekter Superhero Universe. Though a fellow superhero author, Lucas Flint, I discovered the amazing creative team at Miblart and I’ll be outsourcing my cover design to them from now on.

What do you think?

Oh, and along with a new cover comes a new book description, too. Check it out below:

They had one choice… 

…lie or become lab rats.

It was supposed to be a quiet family camping trip, the last hoorah of summer for best friends Quinn McAlester and Blake Hargreaves before the start of another grueling year in high school. 

But what they found deep in the woods that weekend derailed those plans. Days later, when the boys awoke in a hospital room together, they knew they could never talk about about what really happened to them.

Back home and in school, Quinn and Blake wrestle with how they are connected to—or are the source of—impossible and dangerous phenomena manifesting around and through them. Things burn or explode when they least expect it, and they can do things no one else can. Unfortunately, somebody else has noticed their developing superpowers, too.

Can Quinn and Blake control their newfound abilities before they accidentally hurt someone they love?

ACCIDENTAL AWAKENING is the first book of The Guardian Series and is part of the Spekter Superhero Universe.

Get it now.



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