Available now: Prophecy Rising

The nightmares tormented me for years…

…and shortly after my thirty-third birthday, I learned why.

My name is Dante Coranguis, and I have a great life, a solid job, amazing friends, and most importantly, lots of crazy sex. 

But on the night I met the vampires, everything changed, including my nightmare. My life’s ambitions and dreams were snatched out of my hands because I was destined to become The One, the Herald of Satan, the Antichrist, the most feared man throughout the ages.

And here I thought that was just a crazy horror movie about a poor kid named Damien Thorne.

Prophecy Rising is the first book of The Snakeheart Series (Season 1), a supernatural novelette series about Dante Coranguis and the ancient prophecy of the End Times.

Get it now. 

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