Be an Out and Proudie

out-n-proudie2In honor of The Climb’s release, I’ve designed a commemorative artwork to reflect Tracy Whitcomb’s words of encouragement to Skyler Phoenix, the main character. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“Why exactly do I need to join the Gay-Straight Alliance?” Skyler asked. “I think I’m gonna be okay being an out teen.”
“Because, silly, being out is one thing. Being an out-and-proudie is a completely different thing,” Tracy responded.
“An out-and-proudie?”
“It’s one of my terms of endearment. But more importantly than that, arguably, of course, is your need for support. To know you are not alone in the world. And I suppose you are figuring that out…so you need a solid support group to grow as a gay teen, to help you be the out teen you want to be but aren’t yet.”

We hope you enjoy telling the world you’re an out-and-proudie!

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