Summer Writing

If I’m not sitting in my office downstairs…ahem, writing space…then I’m on the back deck enjoying the sights and sounds of nature abuzz around me. The only unnatural sound filling the air is the click-clack of my fingers on the keyboard as the words transfer from my mind to the screen. Occasionally, a chipmunk scurries past, its mouth full of food. Birds fly around too, singing their songs and enjoying bird life—I assume. I’m really grateful that I can enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds our home, even though I miss city life once in a while.

Currently I’m waiting for beta readers to read The Climb. While they work their magic, I’ve been busy re-structuring Galaxy and putting my energies into a better outline (that’s really come along, I must say) that will turn into an amazing science fiction story.

Here’s to hoping you have a special place you enjoy where you can hunker down and type out the amazing stories in your mind.

Happy Writing.