After NaNoWriMo

So what comes next? Do we just sit around and wait for the story?

Patience, my young apprentice.

Basically, yes. The intensity of NaNoWriMO came to a screeching halt for me during the evening of November 30. Roughly 50,200 words made their way from my brain to Scrivener’s software by way of my Keyboard, Evernote, and IA Writer. Though I love Star Wars, I’ve enjoyed not touching and not writing that story.


To let the words sit, to let the chapters ferment, and to let story incubate so that when I return to Sidious’ journal in early January, I can begin editing with a fresh set of eyes. My mind will be free of the “I have to do this quickly” so that I can give the words and phrases their proper due. And I look forward to this.

In the mean time, I’ve been working on Galaxy and It Really Does Get Better. My priorities are as follows:

  1. Move through the editing processes and release The Darker Side: Memoirs of the Master first free on my website (here) by or before February 28.
  2. Finish It Really Does Get Better this spring, move it through the editing and beta reading processes, and self-publish it by June 31.
  3. Continue to work on Galaxy when I’m sick of #1 or #2 or when the inspiration strikes.