#NaNoWriMo Day 30 | The Darker Side – Musings of the Master


And now an excerpt from my first draft of The Darker Side – Musings of the Master | A response to Darth Vader’s Memoirs of a Monster

I sense a convergence of the Force in the near Future. The Death Star II looms in my visions with Lord Vader and his son. The machinations of these moments I foresee are not set in stone, apparently. Today the Force showed a new event in the turning of Luke Skywalker that I had not given much thought to: how young Skywalker would come into his father’s custody. At last, the final piece of the puzzle comes into place. Believe it or not, the boy will turn himself in to his father on the moon near the Death Star and make a feeble attempt to rescue Vader. Silly boy, he will soon realize that his father can never be turned from the Dark Side.

I also sense can the Rebels growing stronger in their desire to destroy the Death Star before it is operational. Finally, I am aware of the very good news that will be discussed during an important meeting on the Death Star II with my Kaminoan Ambassadors from the cloning facilities. You may remember some time ago (meaning earlier in this journal) that Lord Vader made significant efforts with the Kaminoans in effort to clone a Force-sensitive being (Starkiller). It would seem that Vader had succeeded with the cloning boy and his Force abilities, albeit after many, many failed attempts.

To this end I have been secretly working alongside the Kaminoan research scientists and discussing the nature of midi-chlorians and the power they possess to induce the Force. I am pleased to finally document that our efforts have not been in vain and the time approaches to when the matter of my being may be successfully cloned in a to a Force-sensitive receptacle that will hold and contains my essence and power. When I travel to the Death Star soon, I will meet with them to finalize our plans.

50,228 words thus far.

Darth Vader’s Memoirs of a Monster was written by Cheeseburger Brown and can be found here.

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