#NaNoWriMo Day 25 | The Darker Side – Musings of the Master

And now an excerpt from my first draft of The Darker Side – Musings of the Master | A response to Darth Vader’s Memoirs of a Monster

Vader called me in private to discuss Tarkin’s ambitions for the Death Star and Alderaan. All of the systems tests had passed with flying colors and Tarkin had decided to take the Death Star to Alderaan.

I admitted to Lord Vader—a rare moment—that yesterday I too struggled with Tarkin’s decision to target Alderaan instead of the Rebels. I sensed confusion within Vader.
Of course. Tarkin hadn’t fully shared the plans with Vader.

Alderaan, I shared, would be the first demonstration of Imperial Might that would rock the galaxy and ensure compliance with Imperial Law. Leia, I believed, would say or do anything to protect her home planet, but she would never betray her father, Bail, whom we had confirmed was on Alderaan. Knowing this, I suspected she lied. Tarkin didn’t, but I insisted that he destroy Alderaan regardless. For too many years I had death with Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and other insurgents who terrorized the safety of the Empire’s citizens all in the name of over throwing me for the convenience of freedom. Enough is enough.

I reminded Vader during our chat that the path to peace is paved with the skulls of the fallen who resist us.

I reminded him that Tarkin acquired his noted position in the Imperial Military because of his propensity for spectacular displays of merciless force. I reminded Vader that as my enforcer and Apprentice, it behooved him to ensure Tarkin’s success.

43,215 words thus far.

Darth Vader’s Memoirs of a Monster was written by Cheeseburger Brown and can be found here.

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