#NaNoWriMo Day 20 | The Darker Side – Musings of the Master

And now an excerpt from my first draft of The Darker Side – Musings of the Master | A response to Darth Vader’s Memoirs of a Monster

I could sense such tension within Anakin. Clearly my earlier suggestions that he should have been sent to capture Grievous (further discrediting the wisdom of the Jedi Council) troubled him deeply. I used his angst and played off his feelings to help him understand that the Council purposefully excluded him from all of their deliberations and decision because they feared him. He shared that he already believed the Jedi chose to hide great number of truths about the Force from him, so I seized my opportunity. This choice, perhaps, was the riskiest gamble with Anakin and he Grand Plan.

Coming out is often a difficult action, especially when you willingly reveal yourself to be the long-hunted Dark Lord of the Sith. However, I put off lingering notions and mere suggestion and outright invited him to embrace a larger view of the Force by joining with me so he could learn the Dark Side of the Force—to save his wife from certain death. I love playing off of his emotions, I just do it so well.

I let him probe my mind with the Force during this pivotal and risky moment when he discovered I was in fact the Dark Lord of the Sith that the Jedi searched for. He needed to understand that I was on his side, and that truly was not a threat to him. As expected he expertly drew his lightsaber to protect himself from the threat the Jedi told him I was. But Anakin had known known me for years and I trusted that our long friendship would give him the wisdom to understand that I was not the evil monster the Jedi had painted in his and their mind.

30, 439 words thus far.

Darth Vader’s Memoirs of a Monster was written by Cheeseburger Brown and can be found here.

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