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Remember My Name
Remember My Name by Chase Potter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, so far I’ve loved everything Chase Potter has published. Wait, this is his second book—so while he’s a new author, he’s an author!

After weaving us into Jackson’s story, we meet Ben, his estranged twin. Now here’s where things became difficult for me. The twins—and I admit that I am not a twin, and therefore I don’t think like a twin or understand the emotional context of twins—Chase’s twins stretched my brain beyond its comfort zone. I didn’t like that. I thought the story became weird because of the closeness they were desperate to share. Why? Because adult twin men don’t cuddle. But these guys did. And that was too weird for me. None of the twins I know ever talked about that kind of closeness.

And then months later, I watched THE BOONDOCKS SAINTS movie with my husband. The connection the brothers—Connor and Murphy—share in that movie is exactly what Jackson and Ben share—an intense closeness that must come from spending nine precious months together in the womb. And that’s when the story clicked as okay for me.

So although months passed before I could figure what to write in this review, I get it now. And Chase did something I respect—challenge a reader to rethink what he assumed to be almighty truth.

Well done.

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