A Spring Anecdote

Thought I’d share a cute anecdote from an experience I had yesterday!

Yesterday, mother nature gifted New Hampshire with a beautiful and warm spring day. The sun warmed the air to a comfortable 70º and I decided to take Hugo for a longer afternoon walk. If you know me, and it’s warm, my shirt’s coming off…which it did.

So about 40 minutes into the walk, I happened upon a mom and her two young sons, about 3 and 4, or 4 and 5 years old. I’m not really sure. They were running, skipping, jumping, and enjoying the day. Mom pushed the scooter both boys had abandoned.

As I walked past, the older boy (I assume) stopped and looked at me. He smiled and said, “Hi.”

I nodded back and said, “Hello.”

He then asked, with the most amazing curiosity in his voice, “No shirt today?”

“Nope, not today,” I said.

Mom laughed and said, “It’s definitely a no shirt kind of day.”

I smiled, nodded at her, and said, “Yup.” I turned around and kept walking with Hugo in tow. He wanted to play with the kids.

The boy said something that sounded like. “Then I’m not wearing my shirt either.”

When I turned around to let my eyes check what my brain thought my ears heard, he had pulled off his shirt. I chuckled, and so did his mom. Hugo and I kept walking. On my way back, the boy’s younger brother had also removed his shirt.