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Bending The Iron
Bending The Iron by Libby Drew

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes I forget how quickly short stories move along – and this one certainly speeds down the tracks! Michael and Eric are thrown into an exciting heated summertime passion that twists and turns through the countryside of their emotional lives

Michael’s, the main character, has a story that touches upon a common life-conflict that I believe many people can relate to – the tension of pursing one’s dreams and doing what one things is the responsible choice. For Michael, these two things were not on parallel tracks

I loved the imagery of the train layouts up on the museum too. Growing up with model trains, I could easily imagine the museum’s mega-layout and all the work that had to be done.

Spoilers! There are two things that I wish we learned a bit more about:

  • More detail about how Michael’s grandfather Pete learned about and/or accepted Michael and Eric’s relationship, especially since so much emphasis was placed on Pete’s negative reaction “several years ago”.
  • I wish the story continued a little bit with Michael and Eric in the city together; a lot is left to the imagination/assumed but I would have really enjoyed reading about this. I think we needed to learn a bit more about how their life together (and living together as couple) begins.

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