JACK (LEECH #2) | James Crawford | @jamescrawford_7

jack_coverBook two of the Leeches series, Jack, picks up where book one ends but switches to Jack.

Like a good story, book one leaves you hanging and wanting more. So, picking up with Jack, the story continues pulling us through the struggles of humans and leeches fighting for survival in a crazy world.

But, as the story evolves, the subplots become more complex. I also thought at one point, the faction’s ideals, swapped, or the author forgot who was on which side. It could just be my brain, but it’s confusing.

I do love how the character’s sexualities are simply part of their life and story. No big deal is made about being gay or straight. You simply… are something. And that’s okay. (Except of course, in the Leech world… where, oops! #Spoiler!)

I gave the book four stars because this storyline could also become a movie, easily, with some work. So if you can overlook errors in the text, you’ll enjoy it very much. I look forward to reading book three, Nolan, when it comes out. In the mean time, check out book two here on Amazon.