DON’T LET ME GO | J.H. Trumble | @JHTrumble

11718466This is the wonderful story of Nate and Adam, two Texas high school students who fall in love and are clearly meant for each other. If you’re looking for a heart-warming and heart-wrenching romance, this book is for you!

A caution; in the first few chapters, I found it tough to track where I was in the story’s timeline. The transitions are rough and twice I was completely lost and had to backtrack to figure out what was going on, and when. Maybe it’s just the kindle format that doesn’t show where we are clear enough, but… this problem goes away quickly and the story is more easily tracked as it bounces between years and experiences.


  • Long Distance Sucks
  • A Real Connection
  • Timing is Everything

Long Distance Sucks

Everyone knows that long distance relationships take a lot of work and trust. As the story opens, Nate drives Adam, who is one year older graduated, to the airport so he can head to New York City to experience the off-off-broadway scene as an actor in a show/musical. Nate is torn with this; he knows that if Adam doesn’t go, he’ll always regret not trying, but the two boys have become inseparable, and it’s clear they are other soul-mates. Letting Adam go is arduous for Nate. As the story tracks around different points until their good-bye, we learn just how amazing and special the relationship is between these two guys.

A Real Connection

The author wonderfully paints the relationship between the boys and their supporting cast, which includes parents, friends, school teachers, and an annoying group of protesters. When Adam’s show work in New York consumes his life, their distance strains the relationship and other characters come alive to help Nate cope. Take Danial, for instance, the enigma character of the story until his character’s secret is revealed. I couldn’t figure him out, and I kept thinking, what a cock tease! Or Luke, the lonely, clingy band kid who just wants to be himself, and be loved. And of course, Nate the needy guy, whose flaws and problems reveal themselves through out the book. I really appreciated the presence of parents and adults in this story too. It seems that teenage/young adult stories and plots want to leave adults out and place the stresses and problems of the world on teenagers who magically resolve everything – it’s just too unrealistic.

Timing is Everything

I have no idea of what it’s like to be a gay teenager in Texas. I don’t know if it’s a struggle to come out of the closet, to deal with homophobia, bullies, Bible-thumpers, and the nightmarish onslaught of crap – but I suspect the worst is true today. Hell, it’s everywhere, unfortunately. The author expertly weaves bullying, abuse, homophobia, public outcry, and “Christian” response with fortitude, conviction, self-determination, courage, pride, support, friendship, and love. Love wins, always, and that is no spoiler for this story. Getting to the victory is what makes this story so much fun to read. At times I was angry or annoyed with a character. At other times I caught myself smiling along with something that was going on or being said. And near the end, I was ready to cry at different points at some skillfully written tender scenes.

This book gets five stars, and I look forward to reading more from J. H. Trumble. Check it out on Amazon here.