DARK SPACE | Lisa Henry | @LisaHenryOnline

darkspaceThe last place you want to be stranded is on a space station, where the only thing keeping oxygen in your lungs is metal and glass. That’s pretty much what Recruit Brady Garrett thought about the black –space. Except it’s not really glass. 

In this storyline, sixteen-year-olds boys are conscripted to military service to train and prepare defenses against the Faceless, an alien race who could wipe out humanity if they wanted to despite humanity’s best efforts. Fears and emotions pick up when alleged war hero Cameron Rushton, who was missing for several years, returns via a Faceless pod. Through a series of events, Garrett, now 19,  becomes Cam’s battery and the two become linked telepathically as a result of the required physical contact that keeps Cam alive.

I really appreciated how the Lisa, the author, articulated their linked relationship very well. This could have become incredibly messy and confusing. Instead, she perfectly executed the constant double-perspective that occurs as a result of their telepathic link. We get to follow the guys (Cameron and Brady) as they explore emotions, sensations, sexual encounters, and grow through their personal discoveries – all tied in with a unique and believable perspective of military life in space – on station Defender Three.

It’s a fun read, and it wins four stars from me.