Writer’s Tools: Dragon Dictation and Evernote

Dragon_DictationRecently, I needed a way to dictate thoughts and ideas to my iPhone so that I could easily review them later and incorporate them into my writing. For a short time I used the Voice Memo app, but I became frustrated with the required second step of transcription. It was a waste of time to listen, retype, then edit. So I decided to get myself a Dragon.

Wednesday I downloaded and installed the Dragon Dictation App on my iOS devices so that I could capture my thoughts on my iPhone. This is extremely useful for those moments when I can’t type but have ideas swirling around my head.

EvernoteOnce I complete dictation of my thoughts, I email them to my Evernote inbox for safe keeping so that I can check and edit them later.

I’ve found that Dragon captures words more accurately than Siri does, and this is a big plus because Siri loves to really change things up on me. The only thing I don’t like about the Dragon App is that if you multi-task swap to a different app, anything you dictated is lost. Dragon – can you fix this?

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