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Great science fiction is wrapped in solid story telling that is supported by a vast array of stuff that shapes the universe in which memorable characters exist.

All of the ideas in my head need a stage to perform on. Even though I write them down for future development, I realized an absent foundation prevented me from organizing my ideas into coherent story lines and plots. So for Galaxy, I decided to start organizing that vast array of stuff and create a universe and its rules so that I could move on to the story telling.

prioritiesGalactic Infrastructure

Here’s what I have done so far:

  • Created a Galactic Map as the playground for my story. The map is complete with space anomalies, planets, stations, trade ports, hyperspace gates, territories, and free zones. I created this first so that I could root my characters and plots in a well-thought world.
  • Created a galactic infrastructure that includes:
    • A unique mode of interstellar (hyperspace) travel that I haven’t seen yet in books or movies.
    • Fictionally accurate time and distance calculations for hyperspace travel.
    • Established interstellar travel routes
    • Alliances, factions, renegades, etc.
  • And here are the last three things I need to do in the next few weeks. These aren’t keeping me from writing.
    • Finalize the galactic calendaring and time keeping systems
    • Create and finalize the galactic monetary system(s)
    • Create and finalize an underground market system

These things, plus a few more that I’m sure will pop up as time goes, will serve as the limits within which I can write and shape the plots. I don’t want to get bogged down in technobabble because that bores most readers, but knowing how things work will be a huge asset to me.


  • Twelve territories make up the known Galaxy. An Emperor rules most of it with forged alliances between some of the other territories. There are two more (believed) uninhabitable territories.
  • The featured image for this post is the galactic map’s base, also known as NGC-1232 Galaxy.

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