Galaxy: A Sci-Fi Series with a Galactic Playground

Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Galactic Inspiration –

This is the image that started it all. From the moment I saw it, the ideas in my mind began spinning themselves into a new storyline that I am content to code-name as Galaxy. A year or so later, I can finally begin the exciting journey of weaving the many ideas that I wrote down into an amazing story that I can share with others. I’ll be posting updates and insights here on my website, and I might even post some excerpts too!

– for a Galactic Playground

Here's my galactic playground base: a horizontally flipped NGC-1232 galaxy image.

Here’s my galactic playground base: a horizontally flipped NGC-1232 galaxy image.

I believe a really good story and/or series needs a universe – no pun intended – that is believable (among a great many other things). People, places, and things need to be connected somehow for a story to make sense. While there are several ways to do this, I decided to start by creating a large-scale world so that I can root the people, places, things, plots, and plots within plots firmly in the text. I’ve also started creating a Galactic Infrastructure – a canon of sorts – that will support and organize my thoughts.

Today, I happily announce that the first draft of the Galactic Map is complete (but not published anywhere). Look for some details about this in my next post about the Galaxy series!

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