KAMIKAZE BOYS | Jay Bell | @JayBellBooks

Kamikaze BoysThis was an incredibly fun and easy-to-read book for me to read. Jay’s main characters David and Connor flirt with disaster but come out on top.

David is outwardly shy and constantly picked on by the school bully, Chuck Bryl. Connor is bigger, bolder, and has a frightening reputation that even scares Chuck. As David and Connor’s awkward friendship blossoms, they discover a secret about each other; they’re both gay and attracted to each other!

An amazing tale of youthful vigor, bullying, rash behavior, and love play out as the chapters alternate between David and Connor’s perspectives.


So stop reading if you haven’t read the book, duh!

A good story, I believe, evokes all kinds of emotions in its reader. I was not thrilled with the prison and asylum sections of the story. I wanted the story to unfold in a very different way, and I couldn’t believe Jay would let such bad things happen to his characters. But, I reminded myself, he’s doing exactly what you think makes a good story, evoking emotions and feelings, although unpleasant ones, and more fully engaging me into the story.

Well done, Jay!