Work at Your Office Desk in a Coffee Shop

CoffitivityCoffee Shop Realness is how I work in the office from a coffee shop.

This simply yet fun website is one of my latest and greatest geeky finds – and it keeps me going. I work in a team environment for greater collaboration – and it pays off most of the time to be set up like this. However sometime’s there’s just excess noise or conversations I want to drown out so I can focus more. This website generates ambient background noise of a coffee shop – without any obnoxious or irritating sounds!

Get Things Done

Thankfully, my coworkers like the idea of working from a coffee shop – so when I stumbled across, I knew this might be great to try with them. So we did. Nowadays, some mornings or afternoons fly by and we watch as things get checked off of our task lists.

Kick ADHD… What was I Saying?

For those of you like me, who are all up in ADHD’s face, know this – that the ambient noise of the background is fantastic white noise that drowns out the otherwise intrusive and distracting noises that are a con in a team-focused workspace.

Just click the embedded links above and read the site’s description yourself – and give it a try..