P90X Phase 1 Complete (with Review)


Phase 1 is done! Monday, December 31, 2012 was the last day of 2012, and it was my first day of P90X Phase 2. Here’s how the first phase went for me.

On December 2, 2012, I started P90X after my brother and several of his friends began their program. I struggled to do the pull ups during that first workout, and struggled all week with the movements and exercises that were expected of me. I – very slowly – learned how to bring it each morning at 6:30 am.

While my numbers were embarrassingly low (I was out of shape) during the first week, I was sure of my workout success when I had a hard time soaping up my armpits in the shower. My arms didn’t want to move that much.

Plyometrics kicked my ass, and still kicks my ass. It’s my least favorite workout.


I noticed that the day after a muscle group was worked out, I was particularly sore. Monday was chest, back, abs, and some arms; Tuesday was plyo. Wednesday was shoulders and arms. Each day I added to my soreness, but it was a good soreness. In fact, I was sore enough that one of the managers at the office said to me, “Damien, you look like you are in pain. Are you okay?” Apparently my walk was different, and reaching for things and sitting and standing were more vocal (gruntish) than normal for me.

My mindset changed too; I worried less about what was going on in my day and brought much more of my focus to the workout.

Yoga X kicked my ass in the first two weeks. I had never done Yoga before. I realize it’s a power version of Yoga, or arguably not Yoga, but all I wanted to yell back to Tony (the leader) was “I am not a rubberband, stop it!” However he didn’t hear me and kept on forward. Today I can make it through most of the routines.

kenpoCLIPI have come to love the Kenpo X workout, and the Stretch X routines too. My body has adjusted to the movements, and I am focusing on bringing better form, control, selecting better weights, and paying attention to the details of the workout.

Thanks to good support in my P90X groups and my coach, Tanner, I didn’t lose focus and kept pressing on.

Regarding nutrition, I am honoring the high protein intake expected with phase 1. However after enough research and reading, it’s clear to me that their diet expectations are not sufficient for everyone and I have modified the diet. Really, portions and balance are the key factors to a healthy lifestyle.

p90x-yoga-x-half-moon-512x362How’d I do over the holidays? I ate very well (as in very healthily), maintained my expected caloric intake, and only adjusted my schedule to make sure I hit every workout, even doubling up one day. Thankfully the Christmas break took place during my rest and recovery week. I did learn that I value the routine of life when it was disrupted. The lack of routine while on vacation made it more challenging to “Sqeeze” in my workouts, which is my old attitude about fitness. Sometimes, habits die hard.

Tonight I’ll be taking the 30 day photos. I can’t wait to see some initial comparisons. I can see small changes in the mirror. I’ll post them up this week!