P90X Week 2

It’s here, it’s here!

P90X Week 2!

But before I get there, let’s review the last 2 days of workouts that I didn’t get a chance to blog about – Kenpo X and Stretch X. My friend Elijah was visiting for the weekend and he did these workouts with me. (He has done P90X before)

Kenpo X (Saturday) 

This was an exhilarating workout that involved quick movements with the legs, torso, and arms. Multiple reps and combinations of kicks and punches kept me moving and I really enjoyed this work out. This workout reminded me of my martial arts days when I was a younger teenager.

Not phased by it, I kept about my normal day’s activities, and kept thinking, boy, this is really easy. However, when I rolled out of bed on Sunday morning, my back muscles gave me a big surprised of soreness and boy did my eyes open wide. Apparently I found a bunch of new ones too!

Stretch X (Sunday)

I was thinking about skipping this one, but the echoes of “You will really benefit and enjoy this workout” kept playing though my mind. So I decided to do it, and it felt great, even though I am not that flexible.

I had a few choice words to Tony Horton during this workout, and they had to do with the reality of me not being a rubber band or an elastic. However when I looked over at Elijah, he was able to do every stretch. I shut my mouth and did my best. At least I have real proof that this isn’t bullshit.

Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X (Monday)

This morning I thought about trying my workout later in the day, but decided to stick to my schedule. I’m REALLY glad I did. I increased my reps from last week and did my best to maintain form and quality with increased quantity. For Ab Ripper X, I decided to not bust as much out in front and have zero left at the end. Instead I set my own limit of 15 for each exercise, which worked until the last few. I can work up to the desired 25 over the lifespan of P90X. Today I noticed a higher energy level, and my body just felt great. Like Tony says, do your best and forget the rest. Figured this might be away to do just that. I do, however, need to get out of my head… Today I realized I get to a point where I think I need to stop, but I realize I can do more. I need to do the more really quick.


To the best of my ability I’ve been tracking my nutrition on My Fitness Pal and I’ve done my best to stick to the high protein diet. I was skeptical, but I do find the daily drinks of Results and Recovery Formula, Whey Protein, and Shakology (for breakfast) very useful. I can’t wait to checkin at 30 days with measurements and photos!

This week I’ll keep working to #bringit more and more..