P90X Week 2 Review

The second week of P90X was difficult! I now know why different friends said I would want to quit after week two. Sore from the first week, I pushed through the workouts and found myself really struggling to finish the last 10 minutes of some of the workouts, especially if Ab Ripper X followed. I am determined not to quit, and I will keep moving forward through these exercises. My stamina is already increasing, and so is my ability to execute the exercises better.

Update: Planning for week three, on the days where Ab Ripper X is required, I elected to do Ab Ripper X after work instead of after my morning workout. So far this has made success much more attainable, and the workout more completable.

Regarding nutrition, I am honoring the high protein intake expected with phase 1.

I don’t have much else to report that is particularly amazing, except that I am excited to have noticed a little oblique muscle definition when shirtless!