Day 3 – P90X Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

My coworkers are laughing at my apparent manifestation of muscle soreness from my P90X workouts as I move around the office. Getting down on the floor to get under a desk to access wires was particularly grunt-ish for me.

I’ve noticed that the day after a muscle group is worked out, I am particularly sore. Monday was chest, back, abs, and some arms; yesterday was legs. Today was Shoulders and arms. Each day I add to my soreness, but it’s a good soreness.

Everyone that has started P90X (and some that quit early) say that I will want to quit at the end of the second week. Well, we’ll see about that. I am determined. I have goals.

My mindset is changing too; I didn’t have to worry about anything today and brought much more of my focus to the workout. I’m still a little on the cautious and low weight side, but I’m ok with that for week one. Today my Results and Recovery mix and chocolate Shakology mix arrived. Perfect timing, as my samples ran out.

Tomorrow is Yoga X. I will be incredibly sore. Sore enough that one of the managers at the office said to me, “Damien, you look like you are in pain. Are you okay?” Apparently my walk is different, and reaching for things and sitting and standing are more vocal (gruntish) than normal for me.