Day 2 – P90X Plyometrics

Last night I watched several Apple product release events with Steve Jobs in hopes of gleaning a few slick presentation moves for my big presentation in Boston today. Needless to say I didn’t sleep very well as I was running over it in my head and couldn’t shut if off. Eventually I fell asleep but woke up an hour before my alarm. When it finally went off at 6am I pulled myself out of bed, put the trash outside, sucked down some water and probiotics and started my first Plyometrics workout.

I had heard this workout was about jumping, which it kinda is… But really it’s about squats and ninja cat jumping. The ideal is to keep form and always leap and land from the ball of your foot, never slamming down on the flat or heel of your foot. While I wasn’t the most graceful, soft landings will be better for my ankles, knees, and spine – not to mention they won’t shake the house and wake up the housemate if he’s not up bright and early.

I definitely feel yesterday’s workout in my upper body today. Combined with today’s workout, I hope I don’t look like I’m constipated or suffering to the stakeholders who get to listen to me today.
Ciao for now!.